Closet Redemption
Closet Redemption is so much more than a wardrobe makeover.  Rather than spending more on new clothes and adding to the clutter, Closet Redemption is a service that teaches you how to shop your own closet—to revive, repurpose and redeem the items you already own—and to use those finds to create a “put together” look that reflects who you are from the inside out.  Through the Closet Redemption process, we will identify the nuance of your personal style while paying close attention to the practical aspects of your lifestyle as well.  During one-on-one Closet Redemption sessions, we expand your wardrobe by creating new outfits from your existing clothes.  No need to remember or write anything down…we photograph each look and compile the pictures into a photo “Look-Book”--- your personal reference guide for each season.   It’s the ideal solution for those mornings when you open your closet and think (wrongly so) that you have nothing to wear! Show me your closet and I’ll show you the possibilities.  Don't resort to shopping when you feel like you have nothing to wear...give redemption a chance. 

So what’s it worth to you to actually use all those clothes you've already paid for?  How much time and energy could you save if you didn’t have to think about what to wear each morning? What would it mean for you to feel more attractive and confident when you you walk out the door?

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